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Employee Spotlight: Sandra Rezendes

We’re excited to feature Sandra in this edition of our Employee Spotlight series. With nearly four years at Risman Insurance, Sandra has become an invaluable part of our team. Let’s dive into her journey and contributions.

Role and Responsibilities Sandra has worn many hats during her time with us, starting as a Customer Service Representative (CSR) and transitioning through roles such as Account Executive, Office Liaison, Team Lead, Downloader, AMS Trainer (briefly), and Backend Processor. Currently, she excels in backend processing and downloading, ensuring that everything runs smoothly behind the scenes.

Journey into Insurance Interestingly, Sandra’s career began as a licensed cosmetologist. Her shift to insurance happened in 1996, thanks to a friend’s suggestion about a job near her home. Since then, she’s found her niche and made significant strides in the industry.

Proudest Accomplishments Sandra takes pride in her daily contributions, particularly when she can assist her coworkers, make their tasks easier, or teach them new shortcuts. Her dedication to helping others is a testament to her team spirit and collaborative nature.

Work Culture and Collaboration Sandra enjoys the camaraderie at Risman Insurance, even though she wishes they could see each other more often. She eagerly anticipates the company’s river cruises, finding them both relaxing and a perfect opportunity to bond with colleagues.

Skills and Specializations Her sharp eye for detail makes Sandra a standout in download and backend processing tasks. She also emphasizes the importance of keeping up with the various offerings from numerous companies, a challenge she tackles with diligence.

Professional Development Sandra appreciates the constant encouragement from Risman Insurance to pursue further education and certifications. She values the supportive environment where asking questions is always welcomed.

Memorable Moments Many of Sandra’s fond memories involve her coworkers rather than clients. One standout moment is when Pam came to the office in a tutu, showcasing the fun and lighthearted spirit of the team.

Work-Life Balance To maintain balance, Sandra takes her lunch hour outside the office and clocks out promptly at 5 PM. Her philosophy is to ensure there’s time for family, friends, and pets, believing that work will always be there the next day.

Hobbies and Interests Sandra is an animal lover with two dogs, two cats, and three chickens. She enjoys the beach, fireside gatherings with loved ones, and visiting the shooting range to unwind.

Advice for Newcomers Sandra advises newcomers to embrace the dynamic nature of the insurance field. Her mantra: “Do your best, ask questions, enjoy your job, and go home knowing tomorrow is another day.”

Future Aspirations Sandra is open to new opportunities within Risman Insurance, always ready for the next step in her journey, though she jokes that she’d rather teach her chickens to cook noodles than dive into commercial lines! She looks forward to the next challenge Kerri brings her way!

We’re grateful to have Sandra as part of our team. Keep reading for more spotlights on the amazing ladies from our Burlington office!