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Domino’s Pizza

Risman Insurance Agency’s line of commercial insurance products includes special Domino’s Pizza insurance that are designed specifically to meet the needs of Domino’s Pizza franchises with a wide array of coverages and a broad range of limits. It is possible to fully insure the contents of your store, non-owned and hired automobiles, workers compensation and general liability.

The Benefits of Choosing Our Franchise Restaurant Insurance

Getting started with your own Domino’s Pizza franchise may actually be a lot simpler than you think. With the right insurance from Risman Insurance Agency, you will be able to take advantage of a number of unique benefits, such as:

  • Competitive pricing
  • Superior coverage
  • Excellent service
  • Established franchise business insurance program
  • Flexible payment plans that fit into your budget
  • Domino’s Pizza insurance that meets and exceeds the required coverage

Once you click on the quote request button, a Risman Insurance Agency representative will contact you within a single business day with a risk free quote. When your policy is written to meet your personal specifications, you will quickly receive proof binding coverage. It really is just that easy.

Coverage Options to Include In Your Franchise Diner Insurance Policy

Following careful research, the team at Risman Insurance Agency has put together a specific Domino’s Pizza insurance program that is based on competitive pricing, trust, loss control and the very best service. Our mission is to build trust with our clients and help them with every possible opportunity for success.

Franchise business insurance coverage includes:

  • Automobile liability insurance – Hired and non-owned automobile coverage is vital to include in your franchise restaurant insurance policy. Optional coverage for owned vehicles may also be available. Talk to your Risman Insurance Agency representative to help determine which automobile insurance is right for your business. However, as the owner and operator of a Domino’s Pizza franchise, your greatest risk is most likely the employees that you have making the food deliveries. It does not matter if these employees are in a vehicle that is owned by the company or in their own personal vehicle, they have coverage exposure. This type of insurance coverage is a must-have for the protection of your business.
  • Comprehensive general liability insurance – A general liability insurance policy typically provides coverage for advertising injury, personal injury, product liability, medical payments and tenants legal. Our comprehensive general liability coverage will protect you against both on premises and off premises liability claims.
  • Employment practices liability insurance – This type of coverage actually encompasses a wide array of issues, which may include age discrimination, gender discrimination, harassment, race discrimination, retaliation for workers compensation claims and wrongful termination. Employment practices liability insurance from Risman Insurance Agency will protect your business against liability claims that are brought on by any of your employees that allege wrongful acts related to employment by your company.
  • Property insurance – With business property insurance, your business will be protected from the most minor hiccups to major financial detriment. It does not matter if you own the building that houses your restaurant or you lease the workspace, we will help to make sure that the physical assets of your business is well protected. We are here to turn to when disaster strikes your Domino’s Pizza business. Whether a fire destroys your building and all of its contents, a water pipe bursts and damages all of your valuable documents or a storm tears down your outdoor signage, Risman Insurance Agency is here for you. Your building, your equipment, your furniture, your inventory and your signs, we have got it all covered.
  • Umbrella liability insurance – It is impossible to predict just how much you will have to pay when it comes to a liability claim. In some instances when the damages are great and the costs are high, your standard liability insurance coverage may not be enough. In order to make certain that you will always be able to avoid financial devastation even when the claims against you prove to be quite expensive, it is recommended that you invest in umbrella liability insurance.
  • Workers compensation insurance – Risman Insurance Agency helps Domino’s Pizza franchises with the management of the cost of work related injuries, while helping them to remain in compliance with the regulations of the state. We are able to provide access to workers compensation insurance that is specific to your industry. We make certain that you get the very best price and that the overall value of the coverage is tailored to meet your needs. Throughout the entire process, the members of our staff will work closely with you in order to provide the best possible insurance program.

Do not take the chance of losing all that you have invested and built with your Domino’s Pizza franchise by not having the right franchise business insurance policy in place. Click on the quote request button now for your no obligation quote from Risman Insurance Agency before it is too late.

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