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Automobile Insurance

Just like the tea parties and chowder in the state of Massachusetts, the automobile insurance is rather unique. This is the reason that it is crucial to have an insurance company such as Risman Insurance Agency who understands all of the details. For example, many drivers are not aware that it is possible to use your vehicle’s registration form as proof of insurance.

Even though Massachusetts is one of the most crowded states when it comes to driving, that does not mean that each and every motorist on the road does not deserve individual attention from their auto insurance provider. Risman Insurance Agency is pleased to offer you the best car insurance products and most affordable rates. With the right coverage, you will be prepared to rule the road in your historic home while feeling like royalty.

Required Auto Insurance Coverage

Anyone who is looking to register and operate a motor vehicle on the streets of Massachusetts is required to purchase minimum automobile insurance coverage, which includes:

  • Bodily injury to others in the amount of $20,000 per person and $40,000 per accident
  • Personal injury protection, or PIP, in the amount of $8,000 per person per accident
  • Bodily injury caused by an uninsured driver in the amount of $20,000 per person and $40,000 per accident
  • Damage to another person’s property in the amount of $5,000 per accident

In addition, all of the licensed drivers that live in your household must be listed on your car insurance policy. This includes any household members that are related to you through adoption, blood or marriage, even if these drivers are already covered under their own automobile insurance policies. It is also wise to include any driver who may operate your vehicle, even if only on occasion.

In most instances, you may be able to list drivers that already carry their own insurance policy as a deferred operator without any additional cost. However, this is not always an option and may require payment of additional premium. Therefore, it is important to take the time to talk with your Risman Insurance Agency representative to make certain anyone who drives your automobile is covered and your policy adheres to Massachusetts law.

It may be possible to exclude the members of your household that will not be driving your vehicle. However, an exclusion form will need to be submitted in order to do so. In addition, any drivers who carry only a learner’s permit will not need to be listed on your policy until they become fully licensed.

Why Automobile Insurance Is So Important

There are a large number of people out there that rely on an automobile to get them from one place to another, such as school, work, shopping malls, etc. Everyone understands just how dangerous operating an automobile can be.

Sure, you may carefully obey all of the traffic laws, but the people that you share the road with may not be as cautious. Driving mistakes are an unfortunate reality and you never know when you may be involved in an accident. Therefore, it is vital that you have an effective car insurance policy in place to protect you.

On the other hand, auto insurance covers a great deal more than just collisions. Acts of nature, such as a falling tree or a hail storm, can also cause major damage to your automobile. The cost that you would have to pay out of pocket if you do not have proper auto insurance would be significant.

Depending on the type of incident that leads to filing a claim, you may have to pay a small deductible. However, even when you factor in the cost of deductibles and monthly payments, you will still save a considerable amount of money when the time comes to file a claim. The amount of money that you spend on car insurance is minimal in comparison to the amount you would have to pay without it.

Automobile insurance provides you with protection for what is likely one of the greatest investments that you will make in your lifetime. If an accident does occur, you will be able to pay for related medical expenses. In addition, in the event of a lawsuit, you will be able to protect all of the assets that you have worked so hard throughout your lifetime to accumulate.

In addition to collisions and weather-related damage, your auto insurance policy will also protect you against the financial devastation brought on by theft and vandalism. An automobile insurance policy from Risman Insurance Agency will provide you with the peace of mind and confidence that comes with knowing that you are adequately protected each time you head out on the highways.

In order to find out just how reasonably priced required protection can be, simply click on the quote request button now. You cannot afford to get behind the wheel one more time without proper coverage, so act now before it is too late.

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