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Restaurant Insurance

If you are already the owner of a franchise restaurant or you are considering investing a franchise restaurant, bar or diner, then you have a few tough lessons to learn. Running a franchise restaurant required a larger investment upfront than many other startup companies do. This industry is more vulnerable to customer complaints as well as lawsuits related to liability. Finally, owning a franchise restaurant is just plain hard work.

It is likely that you are already well aware that it is absolutely crucial that you protect your investment with proper franchise restaurant insurance. To ensure that you have the best possible protection, you need to deal with specialists who understand your business like the team at Risman Insurance Agency.

You see, not all insurance agencies are set up to handle the specific requirements of franchise business insurance. For this reason, any operations out there are turning to Risman Insurance Agency for their franchise diner insurance needs.

Even though there are a large number of outsiders who believe that all franchise restaurants are created equally and some think that that are just another business, at Risman Insurance Agency, we know that is simply not the case.

We have built a foundation of complete coverage on the basis of many years of experience and expertise in the franchise restaurant industry. We have the skills and experience that is necessary to make certain that you are getting the best food service insurance. That means providing you with the most comprehensive restaurant, diner or bar insurance coverage at the most affordable prices.

Therefore, we take the time to customize each restaurant insurance policy. We will spend time getting to know you and your business. This will allow us to match you with a policy that takes into consideration your budget, your priorities and your most unique needs.

A Wide Range of Franchise Business Insurance Coverage

The franchise restaurant insurance coverage that you will receive from Risman Insurance Agency provides a wide range of policy options that are priced competitively, such as:

  • Commercial liability insurance for the specific risks that your restaurant faces, such as food borne illness.
  • Business continuity insurance will ensure your protection in the event the operations of your business are disrupted.
  • Commercial vehicle insurance is a must-have if your franchise restaurant uses automobiles as part of the services that you provide.
  • Full coverage for your property, food inventory and equipment is necessary to protect your financial wellbeing against spoilage, equipment breakdown, theft, vandalism and other damages.
  • Coverage against employee fraud is always a good choice to ensure your protection against internal criminal activities.
  • Workers compensation will provide you with financial and legal protection in the event that one or more of your employees is injured or becomes ill while working for your franchise restaurant business.

We also offer special franchise restaurant insurance that is customized to meet the specific requirements of some of the most popular restaurant franchise chains. That is only the beginning of the benefits that are possible when you choose Risman Insurance Agency for all of your franchise bar, diner and restaurant insurance needs.

As previously mentioned, the agents of Risman Insurance Agency take the time to understand you and your business. Your agent will explain all of the details and options that go along with the right franchise restaurant insurance policy for your business. In addition to identifying your specific needs, our team will also answer any questions and address any concerns that you may have regarding your restaurant insurance policy. We will also be here to help you and offer support in the event that you need to file a claim.

Compliant Franchise Food Service Insurance

We understand that it is important to look over your franchise restaurant insurance policy on a regular basis. We will take into account the changes that your restaurant has seen in order to make certain that your business is protected properly at all times.

At Risman Insurance Agency, we understand that it is important to provide first class service, which is vital to the success of your business. We are committed to protecting the business that means so much to your livelihood. Therefore, when you choose to invest in franchise diner insurance from Risman Insurance Agency, it is like bringing on board an additional business partner that is committed to helping your franchise restaurant thrive.

Rest easy with the knowledge that your restaurant is strong and secure with adequate food service insurance today. All you have to do to begin is click on the quote request button now. In as little a one business day, one of our talented team members will be in contact with you to discuss your no obligation insurance quote. You will be amazed at just how affordable your peace of mind can really be. So, act now before it is too late and you are forced to close the doors on your dream.

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