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Theatre Insurance

As a member of the entertainment industry, the owners and operators of theatres experience a wide variety of demands for their attention and time. There is planning for the season, managing the theatre, organizing volunteers, rental opportunities and so much more.

Risman Insurance Agency is here to help you with the navigation of the risks to which you are exposed. This will provide you with much for freedom to focus on all the other issues that really matter to you and the success of your theatre. We have extensive experience in theatre insurance that makes our agency uniquely qualified to protect your organization in a way that offers you a competitive advantage.

Types Of Theatre Insurance

In order to protect the finances of your company, you are going to need a wide array of insurance coverage. Your representative will walk you through all of the steps to determine if you need theatre liability insurance, concert insurance, live performance insurance, movie theatre insurance, performing arts theatre insurance and everything in between.

There are a number of minimum types of theatre insurance that you will need to consider, such as:

  • Theatre Liability Insurance – Every type of business, whether you are working with large corporations or small time artists, has a need for liability insurance. This type of insurance will make certain that you are protected, as are the spaces where you do your work, against legal action taken by members of the public as a result of an accident, insult, injury, etc.

    Public liability insurance is a type of theatre insurance that will pay expenses related to property damage or medical bills of the patrons or customers of your theatre. For instance, if one of your theatre patrons is accidently injured by a performer during a show or if someone trips over a prop and falls, you will be protected if that person decides to take legal action against you or your theatre. Your theatre liability insurance will pay the related medical bills and any judgments that are made against you.

  • Business Property Insurance – This type of theatre insurance will cover the building houses your theatrical operations. The structure that you use will be protected against loss that occurs due to theft, fire, burst pipes, falling objects as well as a long list of additional perils.

    If the building that you use is leased or rented, then you will need to make certain that the contents are properly insured. The furnishings, costumes, props and so forth are vital to your theatre. Therefore, Risman Insurance Agency will help you choose the right business property insurance to meet your specific needs.

  • Workers Compensation Insurance – We have the capability to offer theatre owners and operators workers compensation insurance at an incredibly competitive rate as part of their performing arts theatre insurance policy. If you have employees that work for you at your theatre, then it is vital that you carry the proper insurance to protect those employees.

    In the event that one of you employee becomes ill or is injured while performing tasks directly related to their job with your company, you will be covered through your workers compensation insurance policy. The related medical bills, lost wages and other expenses will all be taken care of by this type of insurance policy. In addition, you and your theatre will be protected against any claims of legal responsibility that the employ may want to take against you.

  • Directors & Officers Liability Insurance – If your theatre has a functioning board you need to seriously consider including directors and officers liability coverage as part of your theatre insurance policy. This is a coverage type that is essential when you have performance space and rehearsal space. If your theatre company is ever sued for any reason, you will not have to worry about the vulnerability of your personal assets and those of the members of the board.

Since the performing arts industry is one of such high risk, it just makes good sense to have all the right coverage types effectively in place. Do not make the mistake of thinking that average business insurance is going to be enough to protect your theatre. Unfortunately, it may be too late when you go to file a claim only to discover that you are not adequately covered against the loss you have endured.

The best course of action is to be proactive. Make the right move now before it is too late. All you have to do to get started with the best theatre liability insurance policy now is click on the quote request button. Within a day, you will have a no obligation quote to look over from Risman Insurance Agency. You will quickly see that the cost of your insurance premium in minimal when you consider all that your policy protects.

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