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Employee Spotlight: Pam Moreira

Meet Pam: Part-Time CSR Extraordinaire

Pam has been a valued member of the Risman Insurance family since October 2021, following the acquisition of LTB Insurance. Starting her journey with no prior experience in the insurance industry, Pam transitioned from being an office assistant to a full CSR, thanks to the guidance of her colleagues Cheryl, Sandra, and Lisa G. She embraces learning on the job and handles a wide array of tasks, barring rewrites and quoting, which she is eager to master.

A Journey from Engineering to Insurance

Pam’s path to the insurance field is unique. She spent 12 years as a professional engineer before taking a break to focus on her family. Once her youngest child reached high school, Pam sought a new challenge and found it in insurance. Her engineering background instilled a meticulous attention to detail, which has proven invaluable in her role.

Proud Moments and Team Spirit

Pam excels in handling billing questions, a testament to her love for numbers. She prides herself on her ability to resolve discrepancies and ensure clients understand their available discounts. Pam cherishes the supportive and collaborative culture at the Burlington office, particularly appreciating how Cheryl and Sandra step in to help with her tasks when she is off duty.

Balancing Work and Life

Working part-time allows Pam to maintain a healthy work-life balance. She enjoys visiting her children, who live across the country, and takes frequent long weekends with her husband, who works remotely. This flexibility is crucial for Pam’s well-being and happiness.

Interests and Fun Facts

Outside of work, Pam loves riding her cruiser bike, complete with a basket, reminiscent of the Wicked Witch of the West’s bicycle. Although many know about her engineering background, it’s a fun fact that not everyone might be aware of.

Words of Wisdom

Pam advises newcomers to the insurance industry to maintain a positive attitude, empathize with customers, and be team players. She believes in continuous learning and aspires to become an expert in specific areas to support her team more effectively.

Pam’s dedication, detail-oriented nature, and team spirit make her an indispensable part of the Risman Insurance Burlington office. Her journey from engineering to insurance is a testament to her adaptability and commitment to excellence.